The Secret System Behind the World’s Top Products, with “Brands Don’t Win” Author Stan Bernard

Ever noticed that while most brands battle constantly with competitors for small gains, leaders like Apple, Tesla and Amazon play in an entirely different sphere? Stan Bernard, author of “Brands Don’t Win” believes the branding game is a lost cause. In this episode, he tells you how leaders transcend branding by creating a game no one else can win — and how to do it for your product.A senior fellow at the Wharton School of Business, Stan Bernard taught his Transcender System to MBA students for 14 years. He’s been a consultant to top businesses for nearly four decades, and over 15,000 professionals have taken part in his “Business War Games” simulations, seminars and speaking engagements. Stan’s new book walks you through the Transcender System’s proven and practical three steps, with case studies including Amazon, Starbucks, Nike and Tesla as well as emerging leaders like Halotop and Peloton. Join Graphos Product President and Lead Consultant Laurier Mandin for this mind-blowing discussion with Stan Bernard.Episode Highlights: 

  • What makes the Transcender System “the world’s most powerful winning system for companies and their products.” [01:30]How Transcender businesses, like successful political campaigns, use Agendas to focus and win [02:45]How Starbucks “Transcended” from one store per year in 1987 to 1,350 stores per year [04:30]The 3 ways to win: Competitive Creation, Competitive Re-creation and Competitive Categorization [07:15]Why “competitive advantages” are setting the bar too low [11:15]How changing up the Agenda can hurt your product [15:14]The four steps to communicating the Agenda: Memorable, Ownable, Winnable and Alignable [20:45]The Transcender System’s “Four Winning A’s” to champion and execute the Agenda effectively [25:30]How to adopt a Winning Mindset to lead your business through the Transcender System [35:00]