Product Positioning Consultation

Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of going to market with squishy, generic product positioning.

Your product’s positioning must give your ideal audience a concise, clear and memorable understanding of how the product stands out and delivers its greatest value. It’s an Aha! moment for your team and your customers — and one that makes a colossal difference to your product differentiation and overall success. 

Clear, unique positioning is one of the most important achievements for any brand: your ability to simply and clearly articulate what makes your product invaluable and incomparable for decision-makers and their stakeholders will be tethered to success at every stage of marketing, selling, support and future strategic decisions.

Our job in a product positioning engagement is to work with your team leaders to perfect, understand and implement your messaging, to fully leverage its power.

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1. Discovery Workshops

• Requires all client decision-makers

• We lead a discussion about your value/proof, ideal buyers, competing options & uniqueness

2-3 hours

2. Messaging Development

• The Graphos Product strategy team performs competitor and landscape research and reviews our objective findings to develop your Unique Product Positioning Statement and recommendations based on your objectives and input

10 business days

3. Positioning & Key Messaging Presentation

• Requires all marketing team decision-makers

• We present and explain our findings and recommendations for your Unique Product Positioning Statement, and discuss our implementation and action plan

2 hours

Ready to start?

The Essential Role of Product Positioning Consultation by Graphos Product

Positioning a product is different than how it was ten years ago — and even last year.

From the newest generation of AI-driven conversion optimization apps to competitors purpose-built to address today’s biggest pain points, the landscape of product marketing changes quickly and continuously, and achieving success with innovative physical products for the current context is no easy feat. 

Especially when, as the product-maker, you are blindingly close to the product you’re taking to market. To be remarkable and capture the hearts of consumers or B2B buyers, it can be crucial to harness the expertise of a focused product marketing and product positioning consultancy like Graphos Product. With over three decades of experience in helping product makers successfully go to market, Graphos Product offers an efficient, affordable product positioning consultation engagement that cuts straight to the heart of your product’s greatest value through proven processes and expert guidance.

Can AI like ChatGPT Position Your Product?

AI-powered natural language processing tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard can generate impressive results and are effective at generating time-saving (if fairly bland) content.

But one application where tools like this fall far short is in creating unique, differentiating wordplay. After all, they can only learn through the compilation of existing work. In your product’s positioning statement, what you need MOST is a clever and intriguing set of words that has never been used before. (The trademark office will also require this if you hope to register and protect your positioning statement — which you should.) 

We love what AI can do, and at the same time appreciate the things it cannot. One of those is uniqueness. The other is having an objective yet expert contextual perspective that goes far beyond a regurgitation of what others in your space have already done. For freshness and creativity, nothing even comes close to expert human collaboration. (Yet.)

The Power of Product Positioning

Product positioning is the explosive boost that elevates your product above all others — giving it a unique identity and competitive edge.

Effective positioning ensures your product communicates its distinct value to your target audience, and leaves a memorable impression. Here’s why it’s so essential:

1. Competitive Edge:

In a competitive marketplace, product positioning is the differentiator that makes your product shine. It clarifies and emphasizes why your innovative physical product surpasses the rest.

2. Audience Alignment:

Effective positioning ensures that your product aligns with your target audience’s desires and needs. It forms a direct connection between your product and the people most likely to embrace it.

3. Message Consistency:

Great product positioning guarantees that your messaging remains consistent, synergistically uniting all marketing efforts under the same compelling identity.

4. Efficient Marketing:

Armed with a clear product positioning, marketing efforts are streamlined, and resources are deployed more efficiently, enabling you to engage best-fit buyers with the right message. And best-fit buyers are the ones who value the product the most, buy it again, recommend it to friends and post five-star reviews.

Why Choose Graphos Product for Product Positioning Consultation

At Graphos Product we live in the multifaceted world of bringing innovative physical products to market. Our consultancy, backed by more than 30 years of experience, offers a unique blend of insights, strategic methodologies, and in-depth market knowledge to bolster the success of your product. We work hands-on with the latest tools and ad platforms, and are experts at Conversion Rate Optimization. We position your product with a clear vision to the next steps in leveraging that positioning to drive results. 

Expert Market Insights

• Our product positioning strategists continuously analyze and evaluate ever-changing market trends.

• Objective competitive analyses ensure we identify opportunities to differentiate your product effectively.

• Every word matters, and we focus on concisely bringing an Aha! moment to you — and your buyers

Audience-Centric Approach

• We carefully consider your ideal customers and their evolving needs.

• Our approach ensures that your product is positioned to address these needs, in a way that resonates with your ideal buyers’ values.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

• Graphos Product helps you understand and clearly articulate what distinctly sets your product apart.

• Whether it’s a unique feature, unparalleled quality, or exceptional value, we highlight your product’s strengths, avoiding race-to-the-bottom pricing.

Consistent Brand Identity

• We ensure your product positioning is in harmony with your brand’s core identity, values, and mission.

• Consistency at all touch points is paramount in building trust with your audience.

How Our Product Positioning Consultation Can Help You

Graphos Product provides a comprehensive product positioning consultation that helps you establish a product identity that resonates with your target audience.

Our team leverages a deep understanding of industry and market trends, and consumer behaviors to craft a positioning strategy that sets your product up for success.

In the fiercely competitive world of innovative consumer and B2B products, product positioning is the linchpin that unlocks success. Graphos Product, with over three decades of experience, offers a unique product positioning consultation service, tailor-made to ensure your product is launched and differentiated effectively in the marketplace. With our guidance, your product can carve out a niche, capture the market, and leave a lasting positive impact on your customers.