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You’re preparing to launch an innovative products and probably know it’s a risky undertaking.

The reality is harsh: of the 42,000 new products that launch this year, up to 80% will fail.

At Graphos Product, we’re here to tip the odds in your favor. As a specialized product marketing consultancy and launch agency, our job is to make your product commercialization a huge success. 

That’s why everything we do begins with strategy, and focuses on achieving measurable results. Our product marketing, strategy and product branding services are built around moving the needle for you, leveraging the latest product marketing tools and over three decades of product commercialization expertise.

Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmap™

Our flagship consulting product, the Graphos Product Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmap™ is our time-proven strategic starting point for any product launch.

• Achieve product-market fit with laser-focused positioning

• De-risk your product commercialization venture with objective insights

• Mitigate risks and lurking threats you can’t see from the inside

Harness Graphos Product’s decades of product-specific expertise as a product marketing consultancy — not just a generalist marketing and design agency — to create a Roadmap your teams will utilize and value.

Launch with confidence and clear accountability using your bespoke step-by-step action plan! 

Product Positioning Consultation

Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of going to market with squishy, generic product positioning.

Your product’s positioning must give your ideal audience a concise, clear and memorable understanding of how the product stands out and delivers its greatest value. It’s an Aha! moment for your team and your customers — and one that makes a colossal difference to your product differentiation and overall success. 

Product Brand Name Development

Naming a product often keeps inventors and product teams awake at night.

By nature a brand name is highly subjective, so there’s seldom an obvious right or wrong choice. A lot is at stake — and it’s a serious long-term commitment. That’s why decades ago we clearly defined our unique brand name development process. Our research and methodology driven approach to product name development targets your buyers’ neural hot buttons, paying attention to linguistics, connotations, psychology and sound-alikes, navigating the many pitfalls of trademark and web domain availability.

Product naming can be complicated and has far-reaching impacts, so it’s worth getting right, from the very start.

Product Logo Design

Think of any successful product brand —  and instantly a clean, unique logo springs to mind.

That’s not by chance. And the magic of distinct aesthetic appeal and mnemonic triggering is seldom easily achieved. Our visual branding team has decades of experience in designing clever, memorable product logos that resonate with their audiences and stand out in a multitude of applications.

eCommerce Website & Online Store Development

Whether it’s a single-product Shopify store or an online marketplace with thousands of SKUs, the success of your product business depends on an enticing, low-friction experience for every customer. The Graphos Product eCommerce design and development teams have the expertise to build and conversion-optimize your online store for Shopify, WooCommerce and other reliable eCommerce platforms.

Product Marketing Campaigns

Having your product seen is critical.

But even more important is that it’s seen by the right people, at the best time — and presented in the most compelling way possible. At Graphos Product, we don’t just run ad campaigns: we develop strategic, enticing, fluid programs designed to trigger your buyers’ neural hot buttons. We’ll target your audiences through the platforms they use, leveraging Google Ads, Meta, TikTok and other appropriate channels, plus Native ads and specialized tools to achieve the best possible Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for your product.

Product Packaging Design

Up to 90% of retail purchasing decisions are made at point of sale, where customers judge your product by its packaging and presentation.

Even for products sold exclusively online, innovative, quality packaging distinguishes you from competitors, and unboxing has become a pivotal step in experiential marketing and social engagement: that’s why it can be such an important component of Obsession Branding™. Let’s ensure your packaging protects the product, ships efficiently, grabs attention, creates desire — and jewel-boxes your amazing product to kick off the best possible customer experience!

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