What Does a Graphos Product Client Look Like?

Possibly a lot like you. 

Our clients operate in numerous product sectors, from home and garden to healthcare, biotech — even satellites. Some have just begun their journey with us, and a few have been clients for 15, 20 or even 30 years. (We’ve proven quite good at the long game.)

So, what does a right-fit Graphos Product client look like? Here are some essential attributes:

and are happy to have others work in theirs. That doesn’t mean blind trust, which is dumb. But you know you are too close to your own product(s) and want a product marketing consultancy to see it from the outside. You value objectivity, and are willing to give expert recommendations a fair shot. You’ll hire us for our expertise, and we will look to you as the subject matter expert when it comes to your product.

We go the extra mile to learn about your product, your ideal buyers — and come up with fresh ideas to penetrate the market with clarity and precision. (And if you retain us to create your logo, packaging or online store, you’ll appreciate we’ve got world-class design chops too.)

This isn’t code for “we’re expensive.” We’re neither the highest or the lowest cost you may find, but for the expertise, dependability and quality of services we deliver, our value is exceptional. We value your investment, and we treat our clients’ money as if it were our own.

We answer emails quickly. We’re highly accountable. We work really hard, look you in the eye and deliver on our promises. We’ve been in the agency world long enough to know these things are scarcer than chicken’s teeth. If you haven’t worked with other agencies before, we understand you may not fully appreciate our reliability and accountability, and that is one of the reasons we prefer clients with previous agency experience. They have the context to treasure our dependability the most.

It’s not a coincidence that our most successful engagements are also the ones where we’ve had the best time along the way. (And while they’ve also consistently been the ones where the client extended us the most trust, we know trust is won, not given.) You’re able to see this journey as a rare opportunity to achieve great things, and you’re not too uptight to enjoy every minute of it!

Sound like you?

Be sure to complete our short Pre-Intake Questionnaire, because we ought to meet.

Pre-Intake Questionnaire

We intentionally limit our client intake to be sure we’re establishing a strong fit and can focus our work where we can do maximum good. By telling us a little about your product, you’ll help us identify if we can help write your success story.

Everything you share is confidential. Our reputation depends on it. We are always happy to sign an NDA.