Frequently Asked Questions

Everything starts with strategy. We’ve learned over the course of numerous projects in a variety of sectors that aiming the rocket is the most important part of any launch. Do that wrong, and the mission is either doomed or very costly to salvage.

Our Innovative Product Go‑to‑Market Roadmap™ starts at US $9,000, and our Product Brand Name Development & Positioning Strategy starts at US $8,000—the two together yield a $3,000 discount because much of the discovery work is only done once. Contact us for more information on our strategy products.

From there, you have the option to let our brandingweb design and product marketing teams handle the execution, or to use providers of your choice.

We accept any form of guaranteed funds: Veem, wire transfers, major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, money orders or bank drafts.

Our clients are inventors, product managers and CMOs of businesses taking a new product to market. Anyone who understands the cost of failure, the importance of success, and the value of doing things right the first time. We work with individuals and teams, recognizing that a major part of our work is client education. The most important things for us in a client are a willingness to let us guide, respect for our expertise, and a fire in the belly for product success!

We’ve been a trusted marketing agency since 1993 and would never have lasted all these years if we disclosed things we should not. So our reputation depends on it, and we have a firm policy of client privacy and protection of your Intellectual Property (part of what we do involves safeguarding client IP and helping them do the same). We also provide a written non-disclosure agreement for every client engagement and are happy to sign yours.

No consultant or advisor could possibly do that. Too much is out of our hands, for example, your management team’s limitations, competition, the economy, saboteurs and numerous other variables and unknowns. We can promise to give you our very best, to guide you with tons of solid information and invaluable advice, and to always keep your best interests at the forefront. We are often able to provide service options that reduce risk and vastly increase your product’s likelihood of market success.

Therein lies the beauty of our specialized expertise. Product launch strategies will vary: a medical product or bio-food ingredient will have a vastly different audience and go-to-market trajectory than an electronic device, vehicle accessory, fishing lure, SaaS tool or innovative food product. We’ve launched all of these with success, and although the core expertise is similar, we have a profound and well-rounded understanding of myriad product marketing landscapes. You come to us at Go-to-Market experts for a reason and we don’t learn the craft on your dime the way a generalist marketing agency would have to. Our learning curve is largely focused on the very unique and specific aspects of your product, its ideal buyers and uniquely specific ecosystem.

Due to high demand and our existing-clients-first policy (which you’ll appreciate the moment you’re one of them), our scheduling lead time varies by workload, We do our best to begin the on-boarding process within 1-3 days of receiving payment. We will make sure you don’t feel neglected, and when things get humming, we work quickly for you to preserve momentum. Our style is to be highly responsive, and we make a habit of keeping ahead of the client in terms of overall speed. Client approvals and availability are what slow us down the most!

Most of the work we do for product development clients is remote. We are adept at running video conferences and working with clients anywhere in the world, something we were doing years before it became the norm for other agencies. It’s more cost-effective for clients, and works very well for everyone. That said, if you need to work face-to-face, we can usually make it happen! With offices in North America and New Zealand, we can travel to most parts of the world fairly quickly, and have gone as far afield as China and the Caribbean for product clients.