Solving Product Gaps to Ignite Growth, with Author Étienne Garbugli

Étienne Garbugli, author of Solving Product and Lean B2B shares advice for using customer research to achieve product-market fit and achieve scalable growth.

As a 3-time startup founder and 5-time entrepreneur, Étienne has worked in the trenches of starting tech companies and introducing innovative products. In Solving Product, he has created a reference book to help product creators through the many complex puzzles from ideation to startup, growth, expansion and retrospective. 

Feeling stuck with solving product-market fit, evaluating your product’s true value, finding leaks in your funnel, or targeting new segments? It’s in Solving Product. The book is crammed with advice and diagnostics, peppered with hundreds of powerful quotes from many of the greatest minds in product — and tethered to reality by more than two dozen highly relevant case studies.

Throughout our discussion, Étienne shares actionable advice on how to reveal gaps in your own product, using research and proven processes to become more profitable, faster.

In this episode, you will learn:
• Why every product is a succession of problems to be solved (1:45)
• How it can give clarity to envision your product as a service business (5:23)
• What is the greatest predictor of whether your product will truly be needed (7:42)
• Why your product must be at least 10x as good as what customers are using now (10:06)
• The biggest competition to your product — and it’s not another product (12:30)
• The hidden, growing danger of the subscription model (13:55)
• Why a majority of businesses do little or no research (18:15)
• Using research to answer the most important questions for your product (21:30)
• Setting your product up for success by identifying where it adds the most value (24:10)
• The single biggest certainty when creating any new product (26:40)