5 Best Practices for Launching New Products in Tough Economic Times with Michael Eckhardt

Taking an innovative product across the commercialization chasm is an immense challenge at the best of times. During a crisis, or in the days following one, it often becomes even harder. Yet with the proper focus, chaos can even thrust some products across the chasm faster than they could manage in “normal” times. 

The Chasm Institute is a Silicon Valley consultancy founded by Geoffrey Moore, author of the product marketing classic “Crossing the Chasm.” The book, which introduced the chasm concept and popularized terms like “Early Adopters,” has sold over 3 million copies and built a cult following since it was first published in 1991.  (For a summary, listen to Product: Knowledge episode 5.)

In this episode, Graphos Product founder and CEO Laurier Mandin talks to Michael Eckhardt, Managing Director of the Chasm Institute. The Institute works with industry leaders including Spotify, Adobe, HP and Nest through workshops, tools, consulting and training to achieve product launch success. 

Michael shares his 5 Best Practices for Launching New Products in Tough Economic Times—and leaves Product: Knowledge listeners with a special free offer. It’s an inspiring discussion you won’t want to miss, packed with insights and practical advice to help you achieve focus and results. 

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For your free chapters of the “Crossing the Chasm 3.0,” please contact the Chasm Institute and mention this episode.