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Your great product deserves to succeed.

At Graphos Product, we help product teams and entrepreneurs penetrate new markets through exceptional strategy, positioning and branding.

We’re the very best in the world at developing Go-to-Market Roadmaps that guide innovative products in penetrating—and winning—new markets. Leverage our proven processes and decades of product marketing leadership for your product commercialization success!



Selling Products After Facebook & Why Big Brands are Getting Small
with Maureen Mwangi

R-RRIP! That was the sound of how we’ve marketed and sold products for ages — being torn apart. Facebook, Google Ads and other digital ad platforms…

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When Your Product Needs a Breakthrough,
With Margie Agin

Selling an innovative product relies on driving change. There can be a lot of resistance to adopting a new product of any size, and nowhere more…

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Explosive Consumer Product Launches, with Spin Jammer & SearBQ Creator Michael Sandeen

We talk a lot about the high failure rates of consumer products. It’s a tough road, and launching a hit consumer product is a rare event….

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How Much Should I Budget for Product Launch Marketing?

I’m never surprised when prospective clients ask me to propose a product launch budget based on vague goals and little other input. It happens more often…

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5 Game Changing Takeaways for Launching Your Product Post-Pandemic

I recently re-watched the 2015 Ted Talk by Bill Gates in which he predicted how a flu-like airborne pandemic could cross continents via pre-symptomatic travelers—infecting millions of people…

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8 Ways Products Magically Transform our Lives

Physical products have a magical way of popping into our lives, embedding themselves—and transforming us.  When that happens, they become much more than “things.” Consumer products…

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Destination: Product Success

unparalleled expertise in
product Go-to-market roadmaps
market penetration strategy
marketing implementation

Thirst quenching drink design
Upslide mechanical product development for truckbed Deco blob
Fishing lure product development

Launching my dream business was the biggest risk of my life, and the Graphos team became among my most trusted allies. From product strategy to branding Kamooki Lures and our amazing SmartFish™ to packaging, POP displays, marketing and stellar e-commerce web design, they have been crucial to our phenomenal success.

Kamran Sheikh, Kamooki Lures
Fishing Lures packaging design

Focused Product Marketing Expertise

Tired of generalist marketing agencies who just don’t get it?

Product launch marketing is different. Products are less flexible, more costly to create, and even more prone to failure than service-based businesses—and the way they’re sold, supported and scaled is entirely different.

You need the product marketing agency that understands product-market fit and how to penetrate a skeptical, resistant marketplace. We’re the best in the world at creating Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmaps to reduce the risk of failure and plan your product commercialization process step by step. Because your transformative product is deserving of Graphos Product’s marketing expertise.

Strategy Packages & Pricing
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We See... What You Cannot

You’ve invested heavily in your new product, and are terrified of failure.

Rightly so. Blind spots and fatal errors can be nearly impossible to detect when you’re too close to the product.

From product validation and risk mitigation to our one-of-a-kind CLIMB™ scoring, we’ll enable you to see your product with fresh eyes, to identify the peak value it delivers—and craft a narrative that compels people to buy.

Product Brand Name Development

What’s in a name? Product marketing success, that’s what! Our research and strategy-driven process for product brand name development targets your buyers’ neural hot buttons considering psychology, linguistics, connotations and sound-alikes, along with the availability of trademarks and web domains.

Product naming is complicated and has far-reaching impacts, so getting it right is crucial. Read More.

Zigzag vortex design

Product Category Design

Your product is innovative and unique.

So why position it for a pricing race-to-the-bottom against conventional options? We’ll guide you through the process of product positioning and category design to carve out a distinct market in which your product is the clear leader. It’s all part of our Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmap™.

Launch your product with an unfair advantage.

Improve Product Launch Processes

You know the current ways aren’t working, but are missing the clarity and objectivity to fix them.

It’s something we hear all the time. Brands of all sizes suffer process pains, and we’ve helped innovators from startups to billion-dollar corporations develop and implement achievable, repeatable and scalable Go-to-Market processes, with vision and accountability.

We’re Your Quickest Path to Product Success.

Creative, fun and playful potatoe package design for Earth Apples

The sound advice, innovative ideas and strong creative from Graphos helped Earth Apples become a premium brand in a marketplace where no similar concept had existed before. Our branding, packaging and unique eCommerce website drove interest in North America and opened doors for large-scale sales in Europe.

Phil Bakker, Earth Apples
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Nowhere else in product marketing is great experience more of a differentiator than in how you sell online.

Whether you have a single physical product, multiple digital products, or an eCommerce store with thousands of SKUs, our brilliant UX designers and developers make it beautiful, user-friendly, robust and secure — with messaging that connects enticingly to your buyer.

Product Marketing

Exceptional product marketing, built on visionary strategy, clear positioning and engaging narrative, is the crux of any product’s success—initially and always.

From AI-driven digital marketing and automation to content marketing and influencer campaigns, we achieve scalable conversions through strategy and expert, passionate implementation. Our product marketing strategists carefully test, finesse and tweak messaging to scale only what works best in the real world.

We treat your product marketing investment is if it were our own.

Consumer Products

We craft strategic Go-to-Market roadmaps for all 4 types of consumer products:

    • Convenience Products

      Consumer goods bought frequently and mass-promoted.

    • Shopping Products

      Less frequently purchased and promoted in more personal ways.

    • Specialty Products

      Hard-to-compare products or prestige brands; targeted promotion.

    • Unsought Products

      Innovative or prestige products that depend on marketing and branding.

Funky blobs

Medical & Scientific Products

Groundbreaking pharmaceutical or biotechnology products have distinct requirements and are often highly regulated. We have deep experience in branding and bringing to market:

  • Healthcare Products
  • Innovative Food Ingredients
  • Scientific Products
  • Medical Devices
Medical and Scientific Devices Design Mockup Expertise

Graphos took the time to understand the intricacies of our complex medical device and provided an impressive combination of strategy and execution for the Ekobi brand name development, visual identity, media relations and North American product launch. They have been a critical part of our success.

Kelly Mottet, IMBiotechnologies Inc.

On Board for Launch?

If you yearn to build an Obsession Brand™ or are ready to take an innovative product to market–or both–we're here to guide you step-by-step. Fill out our Pre-Intake Questionnaire or reach out with a question. Let’s have some fun with this, and achieve your loftiest goals!