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At Graphos Product, we help product brands and entrepreneurs penetrate new markets through exceptional strategy, positioning and branding. We’re the very best in the world at developing innovative product Go-to-Market Roadmaps for digital and physical products. Leverage our proven processes and more than a quarter-century of product marketing leadership for commercialization success.

Product launch marketing is different. Most products fail because of strategic blindspots, and the COVID-19 crisis is creating many unique pitfalls—along with some opportunities. Don’t gamble your product’s potential on generalist agencies. Get an unfair advantage with Graphos’ proven product marketing expertise.

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Eyecatching food industry packaging design for Nabati
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Creative, fun and playful potatoe package design for Earth Apples



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Destination: Product Success

We’re your trusted advisors for Consumer product development strategy, coaching & marketing implementation.

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Fishing lure product development

Launching my dream business was the biggest risk of my life, and the Graphos team became among my most trusted allies. From product strategy to branding Kamooki Lures and our amazing SmartFish™ to packaging, POP displays, marketing and stellar e-commerce web design, they have been crucial to our phenomenal success.

Kamran Sheikh, Kamooki Lures
Fishing Lures packaging design

Product Go‑to‑Market Strategy

See What You Could Not

From catastrophic blindspots to the fastest track to monetization—and breakthroughs unseeable from inside your box—we build your roadmap to product success with the objectivity and expertise it takes to succeed.

The right Go-to-Market Strategy is by far the most important part of your product marketing journey.

Great strategy is exciting, empowering, and always a worthwhile investment. 

Strategy Packages & Pricing
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Intellectual Property Protection

Any innovative product idea is intellectual property that needs protection—especially in an age where knock-offs can even beat the original product to market. Our network of experienced patent lawyers and trademark agents can safeguard your IP, in its initial jurisdiction and throughout the global marketplace. From patents and trademarks to registered industrial design and trade secret protection, we can help.

Product Brand Name Development

What’s in a name? Product marketing success, that’s what! Our research and strategy-driven process for product brand name development targets your buyers’ hot buttons, paying attention to linguistics, connotations, psychology and sound-alikes, along with the availability of trademarks and web domains. Product naming is complicated and has far-reaching impacts, so it’s worth getting right. Read More.

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Product Design & Prototyping

Study any consumer product that’s become hugely successful, and you’ll find gorgeous industrial design, with painstaking attention to user experience. Graphos brings together highly talented industrial designers, engineers and product visualization experts, ensuring a functional, aesthetically desirable physical product.

Packaging & Label Design

Packaging design is an inextricable part of the buyer experience for physical products. Great packaging design encompasses display prominence, key benefit promotion, shipping efficiency and product safeguarding—and makes an event of unboxing.

Creative, fun and playful potatoe package design for Earth Apples

The sound advice, innovative ideas and strong creative from Graphos helped Earth Apples become a premium brand in a marketplace where no similar concept had existed before. Our branding, packaging and unique eCommerce website drove interest in North America and opened doors for large-scale sales in Europe.

Phil Bakker, Earth Apples
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Perhaps nowhere is great experience more of a differentiator than in how you sell online. Whether you have a single physical product, multiple digital products, or an eCommerce store with thousands of SKUs, our brilliant UX designers and developers make it beautiful, user-friendly, robust and secure.

Product Marketing

Effective product marketing, built on robust strategy, positioning and narrative, is the crux of any product’s success—initially and always. From AI-driven digital marketing campaigns and automation to more conventional media, the way to reach your audience is determined by strategy and achieved through expert implementation. Measurable results and continuous improvement are at the core of every campaign we roll out.

Consumer Products

We design strategic Go-to-Market roadmaps for all 4 types of consumer products:

    • Convenience Products

      Consumer goods bought frequently and mass-promoted.

    • Shopping Products

      Less frequently purchased and promoted in more personal ways.

    • Specialty Products

      Hard-to-compare products or prestige brands; targeted promotion.

    • Unsought Products

      Innovative or prestige products that depend on marketing and branding.

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Medical & Scientific Products

Groundbreaking pharmaceutical or biotechnology products have distinct requirements and are often highly regulated. We have deep experience in branding and bringing to market:

  • Healthcare Products
  • Innovative Food Ingredients
  • Scientific Products
  • Medical Devices
Medical and Scientific Devices Design Mockup Expertise

Graphos took the time to understand the intricacies of our complex medical device and provided an impressive combination of strategy and execution for the Ekobi brand name development, visual identity, media relations and North American product launch. They have been a critical part of our success.

Kelly Mottet, IMBiotechnologies Inc.

On Board for Launch?

If you yearn to build an Obsession Brand™ or are ready to take an innovative product to market–or both–we're here to guide you step-by-step. Fill out our Pre-Intake Questionnaire or reach out with a question. Let’s have some fun with this, and achieve your loftiest goals!