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You’re preparing to launch an innovative product, and probably know the risks: of the 42,000 new products launched this year, up to 95% will fail. 

At Graphos Product, as a specialized product marketing consultancy, we’re here to tip the odds in your favor to make your product commercialization a huge success. From our Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmap™ process to launch planning and digital marketing campaigns, everything we do begins with strategy.

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Innovative Product Go‑to‑Market Roadmap™

Strategy, Research & Intelligence to target product success

Graphos’ signature product marketing strategy process.
The right Go-to-Market Strategy can be the difference between costly product failure and explosive success—and no marketing agency on earth holds a candle to our proven roadmapping process. We eliminate paralysis by laying out your step-by-step action plan for a successful launch—and beyond. Good strategy is energizing, empowering, and always a worthwhile investment.

Product Strategy Roadmap

The Details

Here are some of the things we may do in your custom
Innovative Product Go‑to‑Market Roadmap™

  • Identify the 5 Ws and the How specific to your product launch success.
  • Address the 3 pivotal questions behind virtually ALL massively successful product launches (yet over 90% of deployment strategies entirely miss). We nail them down through a combination of brain science, psychology and the buyer’s true needs with our unique CLIMB™ process.
  • Expose critical product weaknesses, blind spots, fragile dependencies and latent fatal errors that could lead to product failure.
  • Provide insights and experience-backed recommendations to mitigate weaknesses and threats.
  • Map your PowerAudience™ Focus Strategy: apply your product’s 90/10 rule to laser focus on out-the-gate profitability.
  • Craft Your Messaging Strategy: What will be the product’s most impactful messages, and how will precisely the right ones be communicated to each buyer type? Our messaging strategy typically includes a positioning statement, elevator pitch, unforgettable marketing taglines and a sales deck.
  • Define Buyer Behaviour Profiles: We personify your product’s ideal buyers with maximum lifetime value, and identify relevant challenges they face, the solutions currently in use, as well as the conditions and incentives necessary to trigger behavioural change.
  • Identify where the market is going in your niche area, with strategies to minimize the impacts of volatility or arising competition.
  • Plan Beachhead Supremacy:
    Establishing early wins is critical to a successful product launch. We identify market entry points where customers are easiest to reach, convert and delight—building the foundation for full-scale market leadership.
  • Prepare Influencer Strategy: What influencers can best spread the word and lead behaviour change by example? We craft an outreach plan, influencer calendar and performance scorecard to make influencer marketing measurable and impactful to your product launch.
  • Design, Deploy & Analyze consumer surveys to expose blind spots, validate market demand and reveal data-driven insights.
  • Provide marketing channel, advertising and PR recommendations for maximum targeted exposure.
  • Lead you through an engaging discovery meeting, guide you through working documents and present our findings. Everything is documented in an easy-to-read, confidential report for stakeholders, product teams and potential investors. We break down actions step-by-step, and by role to make them imminently actionable.
Starts at: US $10,000

Meetings are conducted remotely and we require important input from your product management team at our workshop and presentation. (2 hrs each)

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Pre-Intake Questionnaire

Obsession Branding Blueprint™

Make customers obsess with your product

Want to create customer evangelists?
Let’s MAKE it happen.

By tightly defining and building directly upon your distinct vision, we’ll guide you step-by-step to build a corporate philosophy on your “Why” and integrate techniques similar to those leveraged by world-leading Obsession Brands™ like Apple, Disney, Zappos, Uber, Tesla and Starbucks to delight customers at every touch. We help you prepare to train, empower, sell and lead as a visionary Obsession Brand™ trailblazer.

Learn how to hit the market with your Minimum WOW Product™ (MWP) to cultivate obsessive customers, charge a premium and avoid discounting by creating value people crave in myriad carefully crafted ways.

The Details

Here are some of the things we may do in your custom
Obsession Branding Blueprint™

  • Using our unique CLIMB™ process, position your brand as a leader in quality and customer care by guiding you to craft your Minimum WOW Product™ (MWP) and shape your business to make every customer’s life better in a multitude of highly specific ways. We harness the bonding power of purpose-driven brands through the lens of customer desires to magnetically attract future evangelists.
  • Train your leadership team in the science and dynamics of Obsession Branding™, helping you fully understand the psychology we will target and mechanisms to be harnessed.
  • Map proven Obsession Brand™ recruitment, hiring, training and retention processes to attract and hone talented team members who will create magical customer experiences—and love to work for you!
  • Identify actionable and specific ways to tailor every touch point with your brand for rewarding, memorable customer responses.
  • Create your Obsession Brand™ presentation messaging, custom tailored for engaging key audiences including stakeholders, investors, new hires and customers.
  • Outline techniques that will help customers enjoy progress and success in meaningful new ways—so they can’t imagine living without your product.
  • Devise strategies to charge a premium and achieve growth without discounting, ever!
  • Recommend causes and issues consistent with your core values, behind which your customers can identify, align and enthusiastically rally.
Starts at: US $16,000

Meetings are conducted remotely. Recommended prerequisite: Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmap™.

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Pre-Intake Questionnaire

Market Opportunity Assessment

One of the greatest risks for a highly innovative product is that the size of the market opportunity can be largely unknown. With our Market Opportunity Assessment, we conduct market research and advise you on the estimated market value, your pricing and strategies to reach customers with the highest lifetime value. An MOA is essential to securing grants and investment, because it provides the most accurate view of the market’s potential size.

The Details

Here are some of the things we may do in your custom
Market Opportunity Assessment

  • Conduct market research to establish a refined sense of the market opportunity.
  • Identify where your product’s unique value proposition fits within the landscape.
  • Develop sales projections based on market size and anticipated market capture, based on your sales and marketing budgets.
Starts at: US $18,000

Meetings are conducted remotely and we require important input from your subject matter experts when we begin.

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Pre-Intake Questionnaire

Product Brand Name Development & Positioning Strategy

Naming a product can keep inventors and product teams awake at night. By nature it’s highly subjective, a lot is at stake—and it’s a serious long-term commitment. That’s why we’ve made a clearly defined process of it. Our research and methodology driven process for product brand name development targets your buyers’ hot buttons, paying attention to linguistics, connotations, psychology and sound-alikes, along with the availability of trademarks and web domains. Product naming can be complicated and has far-reaching impacts, so it’s worth getting right, from the very start.

A-Z Brand Name Development and Strategy

The Details


  • Discovery meeting and client survey.
  • Our brand naming process and presentation: we explore hundreds of possibilities and qualify the best.
  • Product name research including initial trademark, domain and usage searches.
  • Minimum of 5 vetted product names with our recommendations and rationales.
  • Presentation of recommended names.
Starts at: US $8,000

Meetings are conducted remotely. Recommended prerequisite: Innovative Product Go-to-Market Roadmap™ (subtract $3,000 if purchased together).

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Pre-Intake Questionnaire

Single-Issue Consulting

Got a simpler need or interested in testing for fit before investing in a deeper engagement? We’re happy to target a single product concern. As professionals in a specialized field we can’t let people pick our brains for free (we’re asked all the time and it’s not fair to all our paying clients), but this is the next best thing.

The Details


  • A consultation video conference or voice call where you can ask any questions you want about product branding, marketing, funding, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturer sourcing or intellectual property. If we don’t have an answer on the spot we’ll get back to you via email.
Starts at: US $1,000

Meetings are conducted remotely by a senior product strategist and can last up to two hours. No credit for unused time, so please plan your questions in advance. If we need to get back to you with an answer or elaborate on a few key points, there is no additional charge. Specialized research and additional sessions are prepaid at US $500/hr, or you can pay by the minute via

Intellectual Property Protection:

Trademark Registration & Patent Lawyer Referral

Safeguarding your intellectual property has never been more important than it is in today’s connected world. Protect your invention from identity theft and product counterfeiting by patenting it correctly in every market that matters to you. We help clients understand patents and secure their IP with a knowledgeable and niche-appropriate expert.

Packaging & Label Design

Up to 90% of retail purchasing decisions are made at point of sale, where customers judge your product by its packaging and presentation. Innovative, quality packaging distinguishes you from competitors, and unboxing has become a pivotal step in experiential marketing and social engagement: that’s why it can be such an important component of Obsession Branding™. Let’s ensure your packaging protects the merchandise, ships efficiently, grabs attention, creates desire—and jewel-boxes your amazing product!

eCommerce Websites for Online Sales

Perhaps nowhere is great experience more impactful than in how you sell online. Whether you have a single product or an eCommerce store with thousands of items, our brilliant UX designers and developers make it beautiful, user-friendly, robust and secure.

Creative, fun and playful potatoe package design for Earth Apples

The sound advice, innovative ideas and strong creative from Graphos helped Earth Apples become a premium brand in a marketplace where no similar concept had existed before. Our branding, packaging and unique eCommerce website drove interest in North America and opened doors for large-scale sales in Europe.

Phil Bakker, Earth Apples

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