A Guide to Innovative Product Development with Kyle Handfield

For our first episode of 2020, we go to the very heart of product launch: the product development cycle.

It used to be that if you had a product idea you had to not only finesse the ideation, but somehow cobble together a development team for each stage of the process. For first time inventors, or even seasoned product brands, it was a journey fraught with pitfalls. 

Technology has transformed the product development cycle. Photorealistic 3D rendering makes visualizing new products easy. Your product can be near-perfect, but to be successful, the marketing, packaging, and shipping need to be at the same level. It’s a staggering array of moving parts. And often the biggest barrier is knowing where to start, especially knowing your manufacturer will produce your product a world away, in a foreign language and culture.

Kyle Handfield knows exactly where to start. He leads brands and inventors through the entire product development cycle using a nine-step process starting with discovery, and culminating with shipping. He also provides industrial design, engineering, testing — even going as far as managing regulatory certifications.

We invited Kyle Handfield into the Graphos recording studio to share his sharp perspective of the broad product development process, and insights into what to do (and avoid). It’s stuff inventors, product brands and entrepreneurs need to hear.