What Product Brands Need to Know About Intellectual Property Law

Life in the information age has transformed what we mean by “products.” A product used to be anything you could taste/touch/feel. Today, information about a product is just as, or more valuable, than the product itself. Securities laws and Intellectual Property (IP) law are all about the legal protection of information. Episode 7 puts a spotlight on IP.

Intellectual Property is Erika Murray’s speciality. As a a lawyer, a professor, executive, innovator, and tech startup founder she’s an expert on IP related issues. She holds a law degree as well as a PhD in Chemical engineering. Erika Murray is the Director of Innovation and IP Services at PCK Intellectual property in Toronto – PCK is one of North America’s leading IP firms that services large multi-national companies, small to medium enterprises, and start-ups. 

Graphos CEO Laurier Mandin and Andreas Schwabe talk with Erika about what product makers most need to know about Intellectual Property law.